AFS Magazine - for sale

AFS Magazine - for sale

Sunday, March 9, 2014

 AFS News... Greetings, I hope we shall arrive soon.

Edit: 6/3/14: AFS magazine back issues 1-4 are temporarily (hopefully) out of print/stock as I just shipped the last I had to a customer and a large stack to be sold at  NTX RPGCON. I hope to reprint these at a later date. In other news AFS Issue #5 is gaining steam and should be released this summer hopefully within a month - so stay tuned for announcements relating to that, thanks

AFS Magazine , issues 1-4 shall be available again this year via Black Blade Publishing's booth at GaryCON in Lake Geneva WI, NTXRPGCON in the Dallas TX area and KantCON in the Kansas City, MO area.

AFS Publishing group (I guess that's really just me mainly) is looking to put out a special limited print run  Michael Moorcock tribute edition. With adventures and articles primarily focusing around the Stormbringer RPG, Hawkmoon RPG or OE D&D set in the Young Kingdoms or similar. So far I have a cool interview on the subject from Ken St Andre and have permission to use some great art from Susan Seddon-Boulet. I am currently seeking submissions for this, deadline is May 1st. More info and submission guidelines can be found here thanks