AFS Magazine - for sale

AFS Magazine - for sale

Monday, June 10, 2013

AFS Magazine Issue #3 is Released!

AFS Magazine Issue #3 is released :!: It is 56 pages, contains a color cardstock cover & a color cardstock map and will be sent by parcel mail. Each copy costs $7.50 USA Domestic includes shipping, $9.50 Canada includes shipping, $13.50 International includes monies for stamp/shipping, ink, paper,mailing envelope, covers, PayPal fees etc. It includes old school gaming modules, adventures, tables, and articles with a nod to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Jack Vance, Robert E Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith.
 Paypal is accepted, just go to and my paypal is srmoberly at Please ensure the address paypal has on file for you is accurate.
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AFS Magazine #3 - Table of Contents

New Monsters – Ogre Slugs, Man-Scorpions by Tim 'Turgenev' Hartin

Article  - Adapting 'The Uncharted Isle' by Clark Ashton Smith to Adventure & Setting, by Jason Zavoda

Fiction – The Temple of Death, By A.C Benson (1903)

Table of Items – Moderate Treasures by Scalydemon, Datagoblin, MatthewD44, Iain_IF

Adventure – Into the Black Kingdoms, an adventure taking place in SW Hyboria for levels 2-5 by Scott Moberly

Article – The Cult of Silence, A Cult Description by Tim 'Turgenev' Hartin

Adventure – Kusu’s Cove/Hyperborean Laboratory by Benoist Poire

New Monster – The Were-Shark, adapted from the Dr. J. Eric Holmes novella ‘The Maze of Peril’ by Chris Kutalik